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Welcome to Soul of Genoa
The authentic heart of Genoa!

We are passionate about travel and believe that every city and region has the potential to captivate travelers through authentic experiences. Having traveled extensively, we believe that truly getting to know a place is crucial, not only by visiting its most famous attractions but also by immersing oneself in the local culture, breathing its air, and understanding its traditions.


Soul of Genoa was founded in 2016 with the aim of offering unique experiential tours in Genoa. Our mission is based on criteria of originality and authenticity, and our team consists of certified tour leaders guides. We share our interests and passion for our city to engage travelers and tourists, making them feel an integral part of the local culture.

Who We Are

tour genova segreta.jpg

and Authenticity

We create unique experiences that go beyond classic tourist attractions.

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for Money

We offer high-quality services

at an affordable price, understanding the needs

of modern travelers.



We want our guests to feel immersed in the local culture, understood, and appreciated.

Discover Genoa with soul and passion!

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