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City exploration game

Do you want to visit the city on your own? Do it the fun way with an exploration app game!


Play a city game where you’ll follow clues to discover one of Europe’s most important ports, Genoa. You’ll tour many buildings and landmarks, such as the Ducal palace or St. Lawrence Cathedral, that had a political importance, along with some nice hidden spots. You’ll also find out how the city became a maritime power in the Mediterranean Sea.


Are you ready to explore Genoa?


  • Discover important historical buildings such as St George Palace, one of the first banks in Europe 

  • Learn about its glorious past as a commercial empire with many colonies in Greece, Cyprus, Turkey, Israel, Syria etc.

  • Find out why Genoa was called 'The Superb One'

How it works:
- Please click on the button Buy now, enter your e-mail address and all required data and pay 6,99 € by Paypal or credit card
- You will receive a code on your e mail address to unlock the game
- Click on the following link  and enter your e-mail address and the code you have received
- You will finally receive an e-mail with instructions on how to download the app and play the game

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