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  • Discover the ingredients and culinary traditions of the region. 

  • Experience hands-on the preparation of fresh pasta and Genovese pesto.

  • Lunch in a wonderful location. 

  • Welcome snack, lunch, and beverages included!


What you will learn:

  • Secrets of fresh pasta. Delve into the tricks to knead and shape fresh pasta following the Genoese tradition.

  • Mastery of Genovese pesto. Acquire skills to prepare the perfect pesto, from selecting ingredients to the right combination of flavors.


Experience features:

  • Active participation. Get hands-on and experience the creation of authentic fresh pasta and Genovese pesto.

  • Expert guidance. Our skilled chefs instructors will guide you through each step, sharing knowledge and trade secrets.


Why participate:

Hands-on Experience. Immerse yourself in the preparation process, from creating the dough to the enchanting aroma of fresh pesto.

Connection with Tradition. Discover the rich culinary history of Genoa through its most iconic dishes.

Learn how to knead and shape typical Genoese fresh pasta and prepare the most famous and delicious sauce: the renowned Genovese pesto!

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In a charming garden, surrounded by the beauty of nature.

Sign Up Now and bring home the authentic taste of Genoa! (Book your spot today and get ready to delight your palate with authentic Genoese cuisine!)



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3 and a

half hours







€60 per adult

Half price for children aged 8-16

Free for children under 8 years old.


The activity will take place in a wonderful garden (in case of rain, it can be held in an indoor space), where participants will learn about and use ingredients, utensils, and traditional techniques.

Naturally, they will actively participate in the preparation of the dish.

The activity will conclude with an outdoor lunch.

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