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Visit Genoa and Liguria

In the last twenty years Genoa has been in the process of shifting from industrial city to touristic center : every year more and more tourists discover the beauty of its historical center, rich in art and history, the area of the Old Harbour – where the famous Aquarium is located – renovated and beautified thanks to the work of the architect Renzo Piano,  the residential suburb of Castelletto and the hill of Righi which provides fantastic views, the fishermen’s village of Boccadasse, the area of Nervi with the fascinating promenade along the sea and more.

The two Rivieras are pretty much well known: the most visited places in the Eastern Riviera (Levante) are Portofino and the Cinque Terre, as well as Portovenere and Lerici are absolutely worth a visit; while in the Western one (Ponente) there are beautiful sandy beaches such as Bergeggi, Varigotti and Baia dei Saraceni, you can visit Finale Ligure, a middle age village and renowned seaside resorts like Loano, Alassio and Diano Marina.

Ligurian food and wines are not to be underrated: fresh pasta with delicious sauces (pesto is a must try), exquisite fish and seafood dishes, different types of savoury cakes etc to be paired with excellent white wines, such as Pigato and Vermentino coming from the two Rivieras or the Coronata’s Bianchetta  (Valpolcevera); the best local red wine is Rossese, a delicate product of the area of Dolceacqua, in the Imperian hinterland, where you can find really nice middle age villages, like Bussana Vecchia, Apricale and Triora, the legendary village of witches.

Free Tips

If  you need advice on a good restaurant, accomodation, information about museums and places to visit, beaches and excursions, please feel free to contact us, we will answer within 24/48 hours.

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